Railtown Cafe: Chicken “Club”, Reuben and Pork Sandwiches with Driftwood Crooked Coast Altbier and New Belgium Ranger IPA

DSC_0151Railtown Cafe is found appropriately nestled in a somewhat “industrial” part of East Vancouver known as “Railtown”. Sitting at the corner of Railway and Dunlevy amidst warehouses, tech company offices and artist studios, Railtown Cafe is another spot that has taken me way too long to get to. I’ve been hearing lots of good things since they opened their doors not that long ago, so the time had come to head in and try some of their highly recommended sandwiches for myself. Continue reading


“Wich”hunting and an Exploration of Craft Beer in NYC.

DSC_0144Last month I had the chance to head to New York City, after winning a contest through the New York sandwich chain ‘wichcraft. For their 10th anniversary they featured 10 signature items and ingredients, and asked for entrants to come up with sandwich concepts as well as pairing ideas. My first thought was that this contest had been designed specifically for me, which I actually wrote in my first email. The prize was a flight to NYC and a VIP day with ‘wichcraft followed by dinner at their sister restaurant Riverpark.photo (21)Founded by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame, chef Sisha Ortuzar and entrepreneur Jeffrey Zurofsky in 2003, ‘wichcraft was to be an innovative sandwich service like no other. After years of working together in fine dining restaurants like Gramercy Tavern and Craft, the three came up with the concept of creating finely crafted sandwiches using only the best artisan ingredients.DSC_0095Upon my arrival at ‘wichcraft’s commissary location in Chelsea I was greeted by Caki, ‘wichcraft’s PR and marketing person. My big sandwich day kicked off right away with their Croissant-wich, with bacon, two fried eggs and aged cheddar on a fresh twice baked croissant. Myself and the other contest winner Shannon then had the opportunity to sit and chat with co-owner Jeffrey, who was so awesome and such a great person to talk to about sandwiches and the restaurant industry in general. Caki then took us back to the kitchen to see the day to day operations of running a commissary kitchen for the 30 plus ‘wichcraft locations and meet with ‘wichcraft  Director of Food & Beverage Mike Barbera. Chef Mike let us sample the daily special, a fontina and trumpet mushroom sandwich with tallegia and truffle oil on grilled ploughman bread.IMG_5532He also gave us a quick crash course in ‘wichcraft sandwich making, explained the preparation of some of their prepared items and gave us the chance to create a few of our own sandwiches with some of ‘wichcraft’s signature ingredients. We then jumped in a cab and headed off to the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park for lunch.IMG_5535The Southwest Porch is a small little licensed deck area in the middle of the beautiful Bryant Park, located just a block or so from Times Square. They serve a small menu of burgers and sausages, as well as some other sharing friendly items, like the guacamole and chips that we all shared. I sipped on a few tasty beverages including the Peak Organic Summer Session Ale from Portland, Maine and the Brewery Ommegang Witte from Cooperstown, New York.IMG_5540I also tried to get through their Horseradish Cheddar burger, with Wrighteous Organics beef, aged cheddar, fried onions and horseradish cream on an English muffin. I say try because I’d had so much to eat at ‘wichcraft this proved to be a difficult task. But, the burger was really good, the patty had great flavour, the horseradish cream added a real nice bite and the English muffin was an interesting twist.IMG_5544Both beers I tried were also delicious, and perfect in the 40 plus degree weather that day. As this part of the day concluded, I decided to take a long walk down 5th avenue back my friend’s apartment to work off all the sandwiches before heading to dinner at ‘wichcraft’s sister restaurant Riverpark.DSC_0099I arrived at Riverpark just before 6pm to meet up with Shannon again for our tour of the Riverpark Farm by farmer Zach. Now, Riverpark is located right along the East River in Manhattan, and has a fully operating farm right outside its doors.IMG_5567The farm came to be at the time that Riverpark was opening in one of two towers being built on the location, but when the market crash happened right around that same time only one tower could afford to be built. So they asked the landlord if the plot of land that had been meant for the second tower could be converted into a farm as it wasn’t going to be built on for the time being but was still owned by the landlord. He agreed. The farm was such a success and the landlord was such a fan of the concept that when it came time a couple years later to build the second tower, the landlord allowed Riverpark to use the available land around the restaurant to keep the farm going. Zach gave us a great tour of the site and told us in detail about all the different things they grow and how the chef uses them in their signature dishes. Which conveniently enough we were about to dine on at the conclusion of the tour.

After thanking Zach and heading back into the restaurant, we were sat at a table on the patio looking towards Long Island City across the East River. We were greeted by our server for the evening, and started to look over the menus.IMG_5574IMG_5576I began my dinner by ordering a Brooklyn Brewing Silver Anniversary Lager, to pair up with our starters of braised baby octopus with lime, chile oil, Manila clams, and baby bock choy and the crispy sweetbreads with strawberries and bronze fennel. This was my first experience trying sweetbreads, and I loved them. The braised octopus was also amazing, so soft that you could cut it with your fork. The Silver Anniversary Lager was perfect with the starters, is was crisp and clean with a subtle flavour that matched up really nice with both the sweetbreads and the octopus. The second beer I had was a real special one, the Duvel Single, a single fermented version of the classic Belgian favourite, which is normally only tasted by the brewmaster and his staff during the brewing process. The single was made available to the public only recently and can only be tried on draft at a handful of select locations in North America. I felt extremely lucky to get the chance to try it and it didn’t disappoint. After enjoying the starters as well as a couple salads it came time for the main course, and that decision was pretty easy once I saw the rack of lamb with okra, eggplant, capers, golden raisins, sweet peppers and oregano. The lamb was amazing, beautifully rich and gamey and so tender. The eggplant was soft and buttery in texture, with that great earthiness not lost at all. The okra, capers, golden raisins and sweet pepper hash burst with flavour with each bite, a spectacular complement to the lamb. I chose to pair up the lamb with the Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA, a full flavoured super hoppy New York state India Pale Ale. I loved the pairing as the bitterness from the hops combated the lamb’s gaminess just right. I concluded my meal with a decadent cloumage cheesecake with brandied cherries, graham streusel and cherry ice cream for dessert, before my friend and I headed to Brooklyn to hit up Torst for a few beers.

After a late night in Brooklyn, I awoke mid-morning and head out to great café called La Colombe for a very strong and much needed coffee before venturing out for the day in search of sandwiches and craft beer. The first place on our agenda was a little spot called Rocket Pig in Chelsea that had been recommended to us the previous night in Brooklyn, and good thing because it was unreal. Rocket Pig does one sandwich and they do it right! Smoked spice-rubbed pork on a ciabatta roll with red onion jam, mustard sauce, house-made pickle with a side of rocket pig hot sauce.DSC_0101That sandwich paired up with a Sly Fox Pikeland Pils was exactly what I needed to get me going for the day. Next stop was Colicchio & Sons, a craft beer bar opened by ‘wichcraft founder Tom Colicchio, featuring a well curated taplist of about 20 craft beers.DSC_0125I had a flight featuring an Empire Brewing Company Rauchbier, a Brewery Ommegang Belgian Blonde Ale and a Belgian Wit from Kelso Beer Co.All were delicious and firsts for me, the rauchbier was really interesting and true to the style with lots of smoke on the nose and a subtle smoke flavour. The Belgian blonde was nice and crisp with a clean finish, and the wit was bright with orange and chamomile notes. We finished our beers there and then jumped on the train to head back to Brooklyn for more discovering.DSC_0114

We got off the train in Williamsburg and headed towards to the river to check out the Brooklyn Flea that had been recommended as cool spot to check some local artists. At this point that we made a spectacular discovery, the New York State Food and Beer Expo featuring 20 plus breweries all from New York state.DSC_0146How amazing is that? As I was in New York specifically for sandwiches and craft beer, just happening upon a craft beer festival felt like destiny to me. The breweries on hand included a few I had tried before like Brewery Ommegang, Brooklyn Brewery and Schmaltz Brewing Company. The rest were all new to me and included a few standouts such as Sixpoint Brewery, Radiant Pig Craft Beers, Empire Brewing, Captain Lawrence Brewing, Kelso Beer Company, Rockaway Brewing Company, Newburgh Brewing and Port Jeff Brewing Company.DSC_0149DSC_0161DSC_0162DSC_0163DSC_0165Favourite’s of the day were Newburgh’s Newburton IPA and Radiant Pig’s Junior IPA, and most original went to Kelso’s Fuku, a rauchbier/witbier/gose hybrid brewed for the Momofuku restaurant group. The festival was great, packed with craft beer lovers and people exploring the world of craft beer for the first time. The best part was I no longer needed to run all over NYC, searching for local craft beer, because I’d found it all in one amazing place!DSC_0157After chatting with a few of the brewers and trying a bunch of beers that were being readily offered once I mentioned I was a beer blogger from Vancouver we headed towards Bushwick for a huge block party that was going on. By the time we got there the lineup was 4 blocks long so we took a pass. Instead a friend met us a sweet metal bar with awesome craft beer, where we hung out for the night.DSC_0139The next morning I packed my bag, thanked my friend for letting me crash on his couch for a few nights and jumped in a cab to Laguardia. I loved New York and will definitely have to get back soon, as there are so many more sandwiches to eat and beers to drink!

Bitter Tasting Room: Pulled Pork Sandwich with Lagunitas IPA


Bitter Tasting Room sits at the corner of Hastings and Carrall just outside of Gastown, and is another craft beer focused spot in the area. They have 8 (but I hear soon to be 14) rotating taps and the largest bottle selection in the city. The menu at Bitter features a variety of classic bar snacks as well as some innovative and substantial mains. Popular menu items include the house made soft pretzels, smoked mackerel, an insane brisket stuffed meatball and my favourite, the scotch eggs. They also just recently added a really great pulled pork sandwich to the menu, which meant I had to get in there to pair that up with a killer craft beer.


Now this pulled pork sandwich isn’t the pulled pork sandwich you might expect. It’s not that “Carolina-style” pulled pork or the smoky “Texas-BBQ” style either. This pulled pork sandwich has bit more of a southwest thing going on. It’s loaded with juicy pulled pork, coleslaw and a zesty tomatillo sauce on a bakery fresh bun.


The first thing that I noticed was the pork has real saltiness to it, which is different, as you often get a bit of sweetness from pulled pork. But the salt is nice when combined with the acidity from the crunchy cabbage slaw and tomatillo sauce. The slaw adds great texture to the sandwich as well. The tangy and slightly spicy tomatillo sauce totally completes this sandwich and makes it something truly original.


The bottle selection at Bitter allowed for the luxury (and maybe struggle as well) of choice between several different great craft beers from all over the map. But I had one in mind that I was happy to hear they were stocking at the moment. The beer I chose to pair up with the pulled pork sandwich was the Lagunitas IPA. Lagunitas is great brewery out of California that is always coming out with great beers that are often a little “outside the box”. This IPA is not too far out from what we expect in BC, but it definitely has its very own unique flavor profile.


The beer pours a nice orange colour with a big hop aroma and some citrus notes on the nose as well. The Lagunitas IPA’s blend of malt and hops creates a great balance that has you really wanting another. The flavor is sweet as the malt is not lost or overpowered by the hops. This sweetness is perfect up against salty pulled pork and the slight spice from the tomatillo sauce. The citrus notes in the beer aslo go great with the tomatillo sauce and the hop bitterness cut the fattiness from the pork, really cleansing the palate.


So, next time you’re looking for something a bit different from a pulled pork sandwich paired with a sweet but sessionable IPA then head to Bitter Tasting Room for This Sandwich and That Beer.


Check out www.bittertastingroom.com and www.lagunitas.com for more info, follow them both on Twitter @bittervancouver and @lagunitasbruhws and follow me @TSTB_blog. Head to Legacy Liquor if you’re looking to pick up a six-pack of the Lagunitas IPA.

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Photo Credits: Jordan Rokosz

The Portside Pub: Pulled Chicken and Kimchi Sandwich with Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

IMG_1659The Portside Pub is the newest of the Gastown craft beer bars offering a rotating selection of great craft beer on their 20+ taps. The décor is really cool, with an awesome east coast ship vibe happening. Wall to wall refurbished wood, porthole windows and lots of other nautical themes. They also offer tasty and unique food options. The options include a variety of dim sum, hot dogs and tasty pulled meat sandwiches, which you get by redeeming tokens that you purchase from your server. Think like a summer carnival inside a bar!


The Portside offer 3 different sandwich options, including a pulled beef, a pulled pork and a pulled chicken. I went for the pulled chicken which comes with the already stated pulled chicken, spicy kimchi, QP mayonnaise and green onion on a fresh Kaiser bun. Right away you smell the kimchi, and I can honestly say I haven’t always been a fan of kimchi, especially the smell. But in this instance it’s great. It’s spicy and sour, with great acidity and the slow cooked pulled chicken has a subtle sweetness, which is great with the spicy kimchi. The heat from the kimchi really hangs around, but doesn’t take over.  I love the decision for the Japanese style QP mayo, and the thinly sliced green onion slivers are a great addition. Overall this sandwich was really tasty and unique.


The rotating taps at The Portside mean they get a lot of great seasonals, so I was stoked when they mentioned that the Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes was on tap right now. The beer decision quickly became an easy choice as I’m always curious when it comes to a lot of these “hybrid beer” styles.  I also love everything I’ve had from Deschutes and the Chainbreaker is no different.


This white IPA pours a cloudy golden yellow with a thick white head, the mouth feel is crisp and it has a nose and first taste of banana. It has a subtle hop aroma as well and then you get a crisp, dry hop finish. It was maybe the perfect beer to pair with the pulled chicken and kimchi sandwich, because as I sipped between bites I found that hoppy IPA characteristics accentuated the heat from the kimchi as the white/wheat beer characteristics worked to mellow the heat out. It actually created a perfect level of heat from the sandwich for my tastes. The Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA will definitely be a go to this summer for me.


So if you’re looking for a spicy, tasty and unique pulled chicken sandwich paired with a refreshing “hybrid beer” from one of the top craft breweries in the Northwest, then head to The Portside Pub for This Sandwich and That Beer.


Also head to The Portside Pub for the 2nd “This Sandwich, That Beer Throwdown” happening on June 23rd, 2013. Tickets will be on sale soon, check back here or follow me on Twitter for ticket information.


Check out www.facebook.com/ThePortsidePub and www.deschutesbrewery.com for more info, follow them both on Twitter @ThePortsidePub  and @DeschutesBeer, and follow me @TSTB_blog. Head to Legacy Liquor Store if you want to pick up a six-pack of the Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA.

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Photo credits: Jordan Rokosz

East Of Main Cafe: Roast Beef & Blue with Central City Red Racer IPA


East Of Main Cafe sits in the midst of Vancouver’s Chinatown, surrounded by produce markets, spice shops and Asian restaurants. The menu is an eclectic mix of dishes created by Chef Jenny Patsula for dinner and lunch, including a selection of salads, tapas, mains and of course sandwiches. What they are doing is completely unique to the area, and it’s great. Another thing they do that’s great,  is contribute all profits to a free performing arts program for young people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Project Limelight.


I opted to go for the “Roast Beef & Blue” with roast beef, blue cheese, roasted shallot demi, horseradish aioli, arugula and garlic butter on a fresh Portuguese bun.  This sandwich is full of strong flavors, the blue cheese is pungent and the horseradish offers great heat.  The roasted shallot demi is nice and sweet and the roast beef is tender and juicy, and deep in flavor. I love the arugula as the greens on this one, it goes great with sweet and garlic buttered Portuguese bun. Everything in this sandwich made sense, all the ingredients work with and enhance each other in every bite.


The bar features an array of classic and signature cocktails created by bar manager Colin Turner, as well as well curated selection of local craft beers. I chose the Red Racer IPA from Central City Brewing to pair up with the “Roast Beef & Blue”. I thought the big flavors in this beer would match up great with the tastes of this sandwich. With its intense hop aroma this IPA, like most is a perfect match with roast beef. Its hop bitterness marries well with the subtle bitterness from the blue cheese; the beer is also nice with the heat from the horseradish aioli. Like the sandwich, this pairing made perfect sense, strong flavors are present in both and working together every step of the way.


So if you’re looking for a really well thought out roast beef sandwich paired a big bold local IPA, then head to East Of Main Cafe for This Sandwich and That Beer.


Check out www.eastofmaincafe.com and www.centralcitybrewing.com for more info, follow them both on Twitter: @eastofMAINcafe and @RedRacerBeer and follow me @TSTB_Blog. If you want to pick up a six-pack Red Racer IPA then head over the Legacy Liquor in Olympic Village to pick one up.

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Photo Credits: Mel Yap