33 Acres Brewing Company: “Of Life” and “Of Darkness” with Nelson The Seagull “Herbivore” and “Carnivore”

DSC_0376It’s safe to say that 33 Acres Brewing Co. have implanted themselves as one of Vancouver’s most popular breweries since opening just over a year ago. Part of their popularity has a lot to do with a their innovative approach to food options at the brewery. Along with a rotation of food trucks out front they also bring in a selection of offerings from some great local spots.

These offerings include cheese plates from Benton Brothers, pretzel boards from Bestie, hand-crafted ice cream from Earnest Ice Cream and some great sandwiches from Gastown staple, Nelson The Seagull. Head in for lunch any weekday and pair up the Carnivore sandwich with a 33 Acres of Darkness “Schwarzbier” or their Herbivore sandwich with 33 Acres of Life “California Common”.33 Acres - Carnivore and Herbivore (Nelson The Seagull) with Darkness and LifeNelson The Seagull’s Carnivore comes with rare roast beef, cilantro pesto, boerankaas cheese and mustard on their signature artisan bread. The roast beef, along with the boerankaas; which is a Dutch farmhouse cheese similar to Gouda, marry nicely with the robust roasty flavours in 33 Acres’ version of this German style black lager.DSC_0323The Herbivore comes with hummus, cilantro pesto, cucumber, tomato and artichoke hearts on the same signature bread from Nelson The Seagull. All these ingredients compliment each other nicely and pair well with the clean and refreshing California Common style ale from 33 Acres. When you’re heading into 33 Acres, one thing is for sure, you’ll find top quality when it comes to both food and drink.DSC_0303So if you’re looking for some beautifully crafted beers along with artisan bakery sandwiches in a chill and comfortable room, then head to 33 Acres Brewing Co for This Sandwich and That Beer.DSC_0343DSC_0357DSC_0292Check out www.33acresbrewing.com and www.nelsontheseagull.com for more info, follow them both on Twitter @33acres and @gastownseagull, and follow me @tstb_blog. Head to Legacy Liquor to pick up these or another great beer from 33 Acres. Also, listen for my monthly feature Saturday Jan 31 on Just Here For The Beer radio on Team 1410AM in Vancouver at 12pm.


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